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In the Best Way, Together

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In the Best Way, Together — our cornerstones


We are convinced that our employees make the difference. Our people make the company.  

The SOL's team consists of a dynamic mix of experiences and competencies, we have a long tradition of entrepreneurialism and shipping experience. Several employees have a unique expertise in logistics and shipping, with many having practical experience from various roles onboard, including Master Mariner. Therefore, we know the challenges that can arise during complex transports and the strains cargo can be subjected to.  

Together, SOL's team knows how to handle even the toughest assignments in the best way, and which type of vessel and other mean of transport that is best suited for the task. What characterizes our approach above all is our unpretentious relationship between each other and with our customers. Success is always about relationships, flexibility and understanding customer needs.

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At the same time as we solve complex transport assignments for our customers, we also have a strong focus on contributing to a more sustainable world. There are different sustainability perspectives, all of which are important and in need of balance. When these are in balance, they also create conditions for each other. Our ambitions and targets for sustainability are summarized in three focus areas: business, social, and environmental.  


Business sustainability is the foundation of everything. For us, the concept of business sustainability is a keyword in our operations. SOL always strives to be a partner that delivers reliable, predictable, and long-term logistics services as well as finding new innovative business models that benefit both parties. We build our business on win-win partnerships so that we together can achieve both financial and operational success. 


We attach great importance to our internal sustainability work with a focus on our employees’ well-being and development opportunities. It’s important that our employees have a work-life balance and are well-educated in their work field. Therefore, we try to create a positive and permissive work environment that provides room for both personal development and our own initiatives. 

Our belief is that SOL should contribute in a variety of ways to the community and help those who need a helping hand. We are therefore very proud members of The Rescue Mission (, Nattvandrarna (, Aspektra – Vägen ut ( and The Swedish Society For Nature Conservation ( 


We acknowledge that our core business will have an impact on the environment. Our efforts focus on emissions into the air, pollution to water and waste handling. Reducing our negative climate footprint and environmental impact is crucial for our future. The transition together with our customers and partners has only just begun. 

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It all starts with the cargo. For our customers’ cargo and its safety, effective transportation is all-important. We create solutions that add value and make a difference, regardless of the type of cargo we are asked to handle. 

In our project services we handle worldwide industrial and military equipment cargo including dangerous goods.  

Our breakbulk cargo includes sawn timber and other forestry products, steel, bentonite, minerals, fertilizers and salt, but also project cargoes such as windmill blades, windmill towers and pipes.

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At SOL we work every day to solve complex transportations for our customers. We are proud to always strive to find the very best solutions. Good dialogue creates strong relationships and together with our partners and customers our mindset is always “In the Best Way, Together”. 

Our ability to create solutions is built on the combination of four essential components; our long experience, a solid partnership culture, knowledge, and access to tonnage. 

Long experience 

SOL has +100 years of experience from developing our business after customers’ needs. 


Good dialogues create strong relationships and together with our partners and customers our mindset is always “In the Best Way Together”. Our ambition is for every business relation to be a win-win situation for both parties. 


We have a unique shipping experience and welcome any challenges that might occur.   


Through our extensive network, we can offer flexible tonnage with every load handled safely and efficiently. 

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