31 Oct, 2022

With over 100 years of experience of complex sea transports, Swedish Orient Line, SOL, has a solid heritage to manage and to develop. With one foot in the sustainable future SOL now wants to manifest this through an updated graphic identity.

“We are very proud of the tradition, experience and knowledge that exist within the company, but we are constantly moving forward and always strive to find new and innovative solutions together with our customers. To reinforce the feeling of being contemporary we have redesigned our graphic identity, which is now also aligned with the digital world,” says Tommy Kalin, CEO SOL.

SOL’s communications partner, Rubrik, has developed the new graphic identity, which will be seen on ships as well as on flags and work clothes in the future. A new website is In the Best Way, Together being developed, planned to be launched in Q1 2023. The website and all other digital communication will embrace SOL’s new expression.

“The starting point for the new graphic identity has been to find a modern design, where we still kept certain SOL linked elements such as the Swedish connection with the colors and crown. But it’s in a new packaging that is flexible enough to both cover a 170 meter long ship side, and to be visualized as a small avatar on LinkedIn,” says Fredrik Sandberg, AD at Rubrik. The ambition has also been to reflect SOL’s human and cooperation-oriented approach to business in the choice of typography and graphic elements


Tommy Kalin, CEO
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