05 Mar, 2019
SOL Continent Line

Please be informed that the parties in the Swedish port conflict met independent mediators yesterday, but unfortunately the outcome of these meetings have till now not given any result.

The mediator meetings will continue today (Tuesday). Any information that we receive will be forwarded to you, and, as soon as we know what the consequences for our departures to/from Gothenburg will be, we will inform you. Everything depends on how the meetings play out.

It is still possible to make bookings – but for now only via email, not on our website.

However, due to the present situation, please note that we cannot guarantee any shipments to or from Gothenburg at the present time.

As things stand, per the previous information received, there will still be a full strike as from 00:00hrs on 06th of March.

We sincerely regret the inconvenience this causes you and assure you that we will be doing all we can to give the best service we can.

Unfortunately this situation is out of our hands.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions or comments.

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