22 Oct, 2018
SOL Continent Line

We here by inform you about the openings hours for above mentioned holidays.

Eurports terminal will be closed on Thursday 1 November because of All saints day (national holiday). The closing for departure on 2/11/2018 ex Antwerp will therefore be on Wednesday 31/10 at 21H for containers and machines which don’t need assistance, for pieces that need assistance or machines who need assistance the closing is at 15H the same day. Open again on 2/11 as from 6AM.

Since Armistice day (11 November) is on a Sunday, Euroports will be closed on Monday 12/11. Picking up and dropping off units will be possible again as form 13/11 at 6H.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on booking-anr@solcontinentline.com or call +32 50 35 20 92.

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