21 Sep, 2018
SOL Continent Line

Dear customer,

We are getting closer to the time at year when weather conditions get rougher, both on land and sea. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to respectfully remind our clients of the important requirements necessary for the safe transport of freight units whilst at sea.

Securing of Cargo

In order to keep up the good quality in our shared logistic flow we would like you to review your loading and securing routines to ensure that cargoes are stowed and secured appropriately for sea transport. We also remind you that all freight units should be fitted with sufficient/suitable points to allow equipment to be adequately secured during the sea crossing. These requirements are in accordance with existing regulations and codes of practice as directed by the International Maritime Organisation and Marine Coastguard Agency. Such lashing points should be clearly visible and identifiable.

We trust you understand our continued concern for the safety of your cargo and we welcome any action you can take in assisting us in preventing and minimizing the risks of damage to cargo, unit and vessel.

Should you require any further details or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

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