Flexible liner traffic. All year round, with our own vessels

SOL Breakbulk Services operate vessels from Scandinavia and the Baltic to North Africa & the Eastern Mediterranean. Our liner service from Scandinavia to Eastern Mediterranean is where we began over 100 years ago. Since then we have adopted to our customers needs and market changes, to develop into what we are today.

Thanks to the size of our ice-classed fleet, and our position as a market leader we can offer a direct, year round connection from north to south.

Through professional, direct communications with our customers we can solve their needs quickly. We load in a number of regular ports, from Riga and St Petersburg to Finland and the Swedish East Coast. Other ports can be served depending upon inducement.

With many years of experience, a personal touch and deep local knowledge combined with our ice-classed fleet, we promise our customers year round operations. Even during the harsh winter season.

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