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6 Dec 2023

4 Insights from XLProjects AGM


The XLProjects Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2023, held in Barcelona from October 30 – November 2, was a forum of discussions between Forwarding Industry leaders looking at the future of logistics, sustainability and global market shifts. Jason Atkin, Sales & Operations at TransProCon, shares four key insights with us.


1. Call for Profitable Green Choices

“Although sustainability has been the main subject in business life for the last couple of years, and almost every big company has incorporated it into their business strategies it is still a question of who will pay for it. Ideally it should not affect our nor our customers negatively, and it must also be commercially sustainable. Such solutions will be in high demand in the future.”

2. Market Dynamics

“Despite the ongoing market consolidation, it was good to see that there remains a recognised need for small and agile companies. Smaller organisations can adapt quickly to changes and offer specialised services that larger companies may not be able to provide as efficiently. In a dynamic market where the ability to respond swiftly to emerging trends and customer needs can be a significant competitive advantage.”

3. The Human Touch

“In an increasingly digital world, the importance of personal contact is more evident than ever. The bespoke nature of the Project world does not easily fit into today’s increasingly digital world The value of personalised service, support and fostering long-term relationships was emphasised.”

4. Northern Expansion

“The industrial growth of Sweden and Finland is sparking global interest, benefiting local and European businesses alike. The development and increased activity in these regions have led to a heightened demand for shipping routes." 


Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist

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