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9 Jul 2020

Delivery to the German Fire Department at Lake Constance, Germany

Breakbulk Services

TransProCon recently performed an assignment consisting of two boats, which were delivered to the German Fire Department at Lake Constance, Germany. They were loaded in Finland on the SOL ship M/V Thuleland for discharge in Zeebrugge, Belgium, where they were transferred to special trailers for road transport through Belgium, France and Switzerland, and then finally launched at Romanshorn on the Swiss side of the lake. From there, on their own keel to the final destination at Friedrichshafen, on the German side.

It’s a challenge to find solutions for the transport of cargo with these dimensions. Because of the German road transport regulations and restrictions applying on the size of this transport assignment, we were not able to use the German road network. This was TransProCon’s third transport project for the same receiver and destination and the remaining two boats in a series of four were successfully delivered by TransProCon’s team.

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