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9 Nov 2023

“I greatly benefit from my global network”

Jason Atkins

Enhance the business, chase new deals, and establish lasting relationships. Jason Atkin, Sales & Operations at TransProCon, is responsible for the entire logistics chain from start to finish.

“The most motivating  part of working at SOL's business unit TransProCon, is that no two days are alike. The business specialises in handling large, difficult, dangerous, and military cargoes and I would say that almost every job is unique. It can be moving equipment and disaster aid to vulnerable or war-torn countries, or handling heavy and oversized cargo that does not easily fit on the roads.

“In total, we are a small team four people who handle everything ourselves – from administration to sales, finance, marketing, and, of course, logistics. Being responsible for the entire logistics chain, from the initial customer contact to delivering the final invoice ensures that our clients know who they are dealing with and who is responsible the entire time. My specialties involve building relationships, detailed planning of operations, and– essentially, making things work safely and smoothly. Whilst my work is mostly office-based, when it is time to move a large shipment, I go where the cargo is: That could be in Norrköping or Shanghai.

“Even though many of the transports are carried out for Swedish or Finnish clients, the assignments almost always involve significant movements to and from other parts of the world. I greatly benefit from the experience I’ve had from living and working in UK, Nordics, Central and South East Asia – both managing in the industry and culturally. Particularly the global network that I've built over my 25 years overseas is a major asset.

“To meet customer expectations, it's essential to demonstrate high professionalism and reliability consistently. This is an area in which TransProCon has built its name and reputation. Frequent and open dialogue with our clients, partners and service providers is standard – we examine and double check, whether it is crane lifting calculations or export documents, we work extensively to ensure all are approved before starting. A tremendous amount of work goes into looking at scenarios: What happens if there is bad weather? What if the cargo is not ready? How do we ensure safety?

It's also crucial to understand how things work practically aboard the ships, especially when the cargoes are heavy and large. This is not something that can be learned from theory alone; it requires practical experience. Our operation is quite unique, and it places high demands on those of us working here. The fact that everyone on the team has at least 20 years of experience in the industry probably says a lot.”

Jason Atkins

Jason Atkin

Age: 54 years
Previous experience: “Long project experience in shipping, logistics, haulage, and warehousing, mainly towards a global market. Held several international managerial positions, including at various shipping companies, before joining TransProCon two years ago.”
In my free time, I like to: “Travel! Preferably far and for a long time.”
In my free time, I avoid to: “Work!”

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