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10 Jan 2024

M/V New Amsterdam – a Cornerstone of the Dutch Defense

Erik Hoefsmit

The Dutch armed forces practice and carry out missions around the world. To do this, the right material is needed in the right place at the right time. With M/V New Amsterdam, TransProCon ensures that this is the case.


The Defence Movement & Transport Organization plays a key role within The Netherlands Ministry of Defence. They are responsible for all strategic movements involving the armed forces, including materiel. This materiel is transported by land, air, and – not least – by sea. It can be about all types of materiel, but the common denominator is that the vessels meet certain requirements and that the deliveries are punctual.

“Before settling on a logistic partner, we always review the vessels on their history, safety, age – and of course on the owner or operator. We declare all our must-haves and should-haves, and the New Amsterdam was the only vessel which ticked all the boxes, so it was a no-brainer to go for TransProCon,” says Erik Hoefsmit, Sealift Operations Manager at the Sea Transport Office, adding:

“We also have a long history with TransProCon. We have been doing business together since 1999, so there’s a lot of mutual trust.”


M/V New Amsterdam is a multi-purpose Ro/Ro cargo trailer vessel, built for the British defense. It is now on a long-term Bareboat charter (lease) to TransProCon, and provides the vessel on a time charter with fixed dates.

“To start with, the vessel is the right size and has ice class 1A, but is also equipped with a Ro/Ro ramp with a crane on the starboard side. It is unusual for a Ro/Ro ship to have a crane. Additionally, there is a self-sustained stern ramp with movable ’fingers’, which makes it easier to load and unload in tight spaces, or against a barge,” says Martin Kärrhage, Managing Director of TransProCon.

The cargoes can, as Erik Hoefsmit puts it, contain “everything from a teaspoon to tanks”. Since they always include military sensitive/classified cargo, the Dutch officers are security cleared, and the vessel sometimes receives an escort. TransProCon takes responsibility for bunkering and is usually present during loading and unloading.


The contract for M/V New Amsterdam took effect in July 2022 and extends for at least five years. TransProCon has a clear understanding of the customer's needs and strives to meet them.

“We are always open for dialogue and happy to give advice when asked. We are well aware of the importance of operational reliability and make sure to deliver as promised. This is a prestigious assignment, and we are pleased that the Netherlands entrusts it to a small Swedish company, knowing that this is our core business,” says Martin Kärrhage.

M/V New Amsterdam has always arrived exactly as planned, which is extremely important, explains Erik Hoefsmit.

“We always deal with fixed dates because the cargo needs to be in place when an exercise or mission begins. A commander without tanks or trucks can’t do much, so delays must be avoided at all costs,” he says, adding:

“TransProCon ensures that our cargo is handled correctly, and if I ask a question, I will always get a swift answer. Communication is open and honest, so if TransProCon can maintain their standards as they are now, I’m very satisfied.”


Name: Erik Hoefsmit

Title: Sealift Operations Manager at the Dutch Sea Transport Office

Cooperated with TransProCon since 1999

New Amsterdam

Photo, Erik Hoefsmit: Private

Photo, New Amsterdam: SOL

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