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22 Nov 2022

SOL is Investing in a Sustainable Future

SOL is Investing in a Sustainable Future

“Environmental concerns are crucial for our future.” Through numerous initiatives, SOL has now embarked on an ambitious journey towards reducing its carbon footprint.

“Togetherness is a particularly important word for us because we believe that it’s through good relationships and close dialogue with our customers and collaborators that we can guarantee the optimal execution of each task,” says SOL’s CEO Tommy Kalin. Included in these ambitions is a significant emphasis on contributing to a more sustainable world. Environmental concerns are crucial for our future. The transition, along with our clients and partners, has just begun.

As part of their transition effort, SOL, in collaboration with FKAB Marine Design, has devised a design for an ice-classed multi-purpose ship with an environmental and sustainability profile, pivotal for SOL's carbon footprint reduction. The goal is for these to be the most energy-efficient vessels in their category on the market.

“The ship’s development is now in the final phase, and the last adjustments to the ship’s design are being made with our customers to ensure that we meet their needs in the best way possible. The new ship will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than half compared to ships in the current fleet, while significantly reducing harmful particulates,” Tommy Kalin shares.

Apart from their commitment to new ships, SOL is also trying to contribute to a more sustainable world in various other ways, including investments in the sustainability initiatives of their affiliated companies.

An example is WALLENIUS SOL’s two brand-new multi-fuel ships, which have been in operation between the Bay of Bothnia and the continent since this past summer. The vessel, named Baltic Enabler and Botnia Enabler, were delivered in the spring and have been nominated as RoRo Ships of the Year, now considered the world's largest ice-classed ConRo ships. The new vessels result in a 63% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, while nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, and particles are reduced by up to 99% compared to the ships they replace.

Logistics company Scanlog is another of SOL’s affiliated companies, placing significant emphasis on responsible logistics with the least environmental impact. Along with their clients, Scanlog optimizes transport routes, capacity utilization, and most importantly, modes of transport. Thanks to this, Scanlog has become a significant rail transporter. For some types of demanding international transport, air transport is the only feasible option. However, CO2 emissions from air transport are higher than other shipping methods, so Scanlog offsets all its air freight at no cost to its clients. Scanlog is also actively involved in the adoption of biofuel and electrification within aviation and has even started offering fossil-free maritime transports through biofuel.

“In addition to these initiatives, we also place great importance on our internal sustainability work, focusing on our employees’ well-being, skills, and development opportunities. At SOL, we want to foster a positive and inclusive work environment that allows for personal growth and individual initiatives. This, in the long run, helps us become even better at addressing the logistics challenges we face in the best possible way,” says Tommy Kalin.

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