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Here you'll find the latest news from SOL and other interesting information from the industry.

10 May 2024
Är du ekonom och uppskattar en varierad arbetsvardag? Stimuleras du av analysarbete och affärsutveckling? Vill du arbeta som Controller på ett stabilt bolag i tillväxtfas? Då kan tjänsten som...
2 May 2024
In the role of supercargo, Torbjörn Nilsson is the spider in the web when ships are loaded. As much cargo as possible should be boarded without compromising safety - or damaging the cargo. "My...
9 Apr 2024
Starting January 1, 2024, the shipping industry was integrated into the European Union's Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). Until the very end, there was – and still is – plenty of room for how to...
Ice Advisor 1
27 Mar 2024
This winter, maritime operations and icebreaking efforts in the Bay of Bothnia have truly been put to the test due to extremely challenging ice conditions and winds. Even with SOL’s solid experiences...
WFFC 2024
28 Feb 2024
As a major player in the transport of sawn timber from Finland to Egypt, SOL of course sees the Wood from Finland Conference as a must-attend event. This year our CEO Tommy Kalin and Kent Tullock...
7 Feb 2024
Delivery of reliable transports is in the DNA of Swedish Orient Lines' operations. To achieve this goal, the quality of work must also be of high quality. The quality management system is certified to...
26 Jan 2024
Har du erfarenhet av att sälja och leverera komplexa transportlösningar? Vill du ha en varierad arbetsvardag med ansvar för att driva både logistikprojekt och affärsutveckling? Vill du vara med på en...
Erik Hoefsmit
10 Jan 2024
The Dutch armed forces practice and carry out missions around the world. To do this, the right material is needed in the right place at the right time. With M/V New Amsterdam, TransProCon ensures that...
6 Dec 2023
The XLProjects Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2023, held in Barcelona from October 30 – November 2, was a forum of discussions between Forwarding Industry leaders looking at the future of logistics...
1 Dec 2023
In August, SOL moved to new premises – less than 50 meters from their previous ones. Michael Kjellberg, Chairman of SOL opened the housewarming festivities and broke a bottle of champagne against the...
Tommy Kalin Tageus
23 Nov 2023
For Swedish Orient Line, the concept of business sustainability is a keyword in operations, and a vital foundation for sustainability in a larger context. It's about being a partner that delivers...
Jason Atkins
9 Nov 2023
Enhance the business, chase new deals, and establish lasting relationships. Jason Atkin, Sales & Operations at TransProCon, is responsible for the entire logistics chain from start to finish. “The...

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